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Makki Food Industries

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Makki Food Industries & Dessurations
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Founded Since 1952

Makki Food Industries & Dessurations

1952 The Makki Foundation was established in one of the neighborhoods of Damascus in 1952

 At the hands of Mr. 'Mohamed Adel Makki' and the sons of this family carried the secretariat of this profession

 In an effort to provide the best food products

 In addition, in continuation of his hard work, one of his sons, Mr. Hossam Makki, continued

  He started his career and launched his own project (Makki) by producing

 Package of the food industry over the past decades

 To become the name of Makki Corporation as a trademark in the local market
It is salable, distinguished by the quality of its products, as the facility continued

 Developed and diversified its products and began to expand and extend,

 After targeting the local market, it has a regional extension

 It has a wide international reach and was able to enter and compete in global markets

In addition, it worked to gain the trust of its customers through the high quality of the products

 Through the high quality of the products it offers and which it targets

 Young and old, it has become one of the prominent competitors in the markets

 Which entered it and its products were very popular